Health Professionals Weigh in on Print vs. Digital

Living in the increasingly digital world that we do, your patients have access to an overwhelming array of health information. From social media to food bloggers and health websites, the internet is overrun with health information, much of it of questionable validity and value.

That’s why it’s reassuring to know that health professionals remain the most trusted source of health and wellness guidance for consumers. More trusted than websites, social media, and media personalities.

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So when it comes to educating Americans about living a healthy lifestyle, we’ve learned to trust health professionals as well, and health professionals tell us—consistently and passionately—that they prefer printed educational materials over digital resources. In fact, in a recent survey of PulseConnect members, more than 7 in 10 health professionals say they prefer sharing printed educational materials with their patients and clients.

Here’s why:

Printed materials last.

A single counseling interaction can provide a patient or client with a lot of valuable and important information. Unfortunately, if they leave the interaction empty-handed or solely with the hope that they’ll later visit a website, they may not have that important information when they need it most. Whether that’s the next day or a month later. Printed materials ensure that your patients and clients leave their counseling interaction with the information they need in hand.

Printed materials are customizable.

PulseConnect members tell us that as health professionals, they like to customize the information they share with patients and clients. One size does not fit all. Printed educational materials enable them to personalize guidance by making notes on, adding to, or subtracting from the information being shared. The added benefit of this approach is that customization increases retention by patients and clients since the material is now specifically focused on their needs.

Printed materials are convenient.

Given the pace and intensity of the healthcare environment these days, health professionals don’t have time to sort through dozens of websites for the right information or the resources to download and print web-based materials all day. Unlike many office workers, health professionals don’t spend the day sitting at a computer connected to a high-volume printer. Ready access to quality printed educational materials better meets the needs of health professionals than any URL can.

Do digital resources have any place in face-to-face interactions between health professionals and the patients and clients they advise? Of course they do. The reach and impact of the digital world is undeniable, and new technologies are emerging every day that will enhance Americans’ healthcare.

But when it comes to the basic building blocks of education, print remains not only the preferred format for health professionals, it’s the superior choice for delivering valuable and actionable health and wellness guidance.

We’re working with brands every day to provide all kinds of health professionals—dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, pediatric professionals, and more with printed patient education materials to use during their conversations with patients and clients. Not receiving our materials yet? Join PulseConnect!