More Than Anything Else, Consumers Want to Eat Less Sugar

A recent study by Leatherhead Food Research found that nearly half of American consumers have made it a priority to eat less sugar. In fact, it was the #1 dietary goal of American consumers in 2017. As consumers have become more aware of what they’re putting in their bodies, the food industry has, by necessity, become more consumer-driven.



The increased focus on sugar reduction in new innovations and reformulations is one example of this, as is the addition of added sugar to the new Nutrition Facts label. It is clear that consumer preferences are constantly changing and when they do, the CPG industry must adapt to meet these needs. 

They want the food and beverage industry to help them achieve their goals. It is vital that manufacturers and retailers take note of these demands and find innovative ways to address them.
— Chris Wells, Leatherhead Food Research Managing Director

So, if the food industry is indeed becoming a more consumer-driven industry, what does this mean for marketers of healthy brands? Is your brand ready for this shift? How will you alter your marketing approach? What impact will these evolving consumer preferences have on the way you talk about and position your brand? 

For now, consumers have spoken. They want less sugar. It’s up to the industry to make its move.