Why Aren’t You Listening to Your Mother?

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According to a recent study conducted by the National Osteoporosis Foundation, American adults and children are drinking less milk than ever before. Growing up, our moms always taught us to drink our milk—it helps build strong bones and promotes growth.  So why have we stopped?

The influx of plant-based alternatives has led many consumers to turn away from cows’ milk completely. This is because many people believe that plant-based milk is better for them. That’s not necessarily true. Plant-based milk doesn't deliver the same nutrients as cows’ milk, especially when it comes to calcium, vitamin D, and protein. 

As a mom and a pediatrician, I’m incredibly concerned about the influx of dairy-free diets. Dairy alternatives don’t have the same nutrients as dairy milk, and kids are not eating enough kale, spinach, or sardines to replace the calcium in milk. Missing out on nutrients like calcium and vitamin D during the critical bone-building years has very serious public health implications.
— Dr. Tanya Altmann

Though some consumers make the switch to plant-based milk due to allergies many consumers do so based on the perceived (and often exaggerated) negative health impacts of dairy products. Cows’ milk provides nutritional benefits that plant-based milks cannot. When people turn away from dairy altogether, they’re missing out on key nutrients. Before making this switch, consumers should understand the pros and cons. That’s where education comes in. As consumers gain more knowledge about their health & wellness, the better decisions they will make for their own well-being. It is up to brands and health professionals alike to educate consumers and help them on their health journey.