Is Your Marketing Causing Consumers to Trust You Less?

consumer trust.jpg

Consumers are becoming savvier—particularly about healthy foods—and much of what marketers are communicating to consumers about their products may be causing them to trust those brands less. Nebulous claims, such as “natural” and “clean,” are increasingly viewed as dubious by consumers, who are looking for truly healthy products that can provide them with the features, benefits, and nutrition they seek.

This article in the Washington Post puts its finger on the crux of the issue:

“[Consumers] want to know what’s in their food, not what’s missing. They’re curious about where food comes from, how it was grown, and how it can impact their health. They want food companies to deliver accurate information in an honest way.”

Your brand is competing in a trust economy—now more than ever. Finding ways to offer consumers transparency while building trust and credibility is vital to the success of any healthy food brand. Consumers have spoken, is your healthy brand listening?