More Than an Influencer

From celebrities to YouTube stars and bloggers of note, influencers have become the darlings of the marketing world for many companies. Sure, it’s simple for brands to “engage” with these influencers, receiving everything from “shout-outs” to featured content, all for a price. While this type of influencer marketing may be easy, it’s not a particularly effective way to build trust—particularly for healthy brands. In order to maximize trust and credibility, healthy brands are best served looking beyond just these digital influencers to the real experts—a consumer’s handpicked, personal health professional.  

Long before the term “influencer” was ever conceived, health professionals have been driving the behavior and choices of the Americans they counsel, advise and train. Their experience, expertise, and influence (sans quotation marks) make them an ideal target of effective, value-add marketing for brands seeking to build trust and credibility.

Health professionals are:

more than an influencer.jpg

A Trusted Source of Guidance
Everyday health professionals are personal, trusted advisors. In fact, they’re among consumers’ most trusted sources of health & wellness information, according to the 2017 IFIC Food and Health Survey. Unlike most “influencers,” health professionals build this trust through face-to-face interactions and personal relationships with their patients and clients.

Champions of Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles
Health professionals advocate for healthy lifestyle choices every day. And as experts in their fields, they understand the health and nutritional needs of their patients and clients more than anyone else—and they have the tools and knowledge to educate and care for them accordingly.

Collaborators Looking for New Information & Insights
No matter their specialty, health professionals are lifelong learners and they’re constantly looking out for new ways to care for their patients and clients. Similarly, they’re always open to receiving educational information and samples to share with their patients to increase their knowledge and positively impact their behavior.

Drivers of Consumer Preference & Choice
Consumers naturally turn to health professionals for advice on the products and foods they should purchase and use. Their personal health professional is their trusted advisor. Once knowledgeable on a particular brand or product, professionals can use their influence to drive trial among consumers.

In a world where consumers are constantly surrounded by “influencers” of questionable validity, a recommendation or piece of health advice from a personal health professional is a breath of fresh air. Is your healthy brand reaching these true influencers?