Despite Media Attention, Consumers are Still Hesitant to Eat Healthy

From the media, to the grocery store, to social settings, consumers are constantly surrounded by health-focused products, messages, and conversations, but they aren’t necessarily eating healthier.


A recent blog post by Catherine Elms, Senior Research Director at Future Thinking, attributes much of consumers’ hesitancy to adopt healthy eating habits to the often conflicting and confusing nature of the messages they receive around the topic.

In her post, Elms references Future Thinking’s Grocery Eye Study that examines shopping habits of 2,000 supermarket shoppers every year.  According to the study, 80% of consumers indicated that they have seen conflicting messages about what foods to eat and what to avoid. Other misperceptions mentioned include the costs and time associated with eating healthier—all of which are challenges brand marketers face every day. 

The danger here is consumers feel so bombarded with messages around healthy eating they don’t know what to believe anymore.

So, what does this mean for brands? Elms suggests spending more time understanding exactly what consumers want, how to earn their trust, and how to convey healthy messages that truly resonate with them.

When making a significant lifestyle change, consumers want reassurance that they’re making the best, most healthful decisions. It’s more important than ever that healthy brands make it a priority to break through the messaging clutter and effectively communicate the benefits of their healthy offering through a trusted source.