12 Opportunities to Build Trust with Millennial Parents

Parents take their little ones to a pediatrician’s office at least 12 times during the first two years of life. 12 times. The conversations that take place at these visits range from basic baby care to sleep training to nutrition and the introduction of solid foods, and meeting developmental milestones.


Most importantly, these conversations are based on trust. In fact, across the board, Americans trust the information they receive from health professionals more than any other source—more than the media, more than health websites, more than bloggers, and even more than friends and family.

This is why being a part of these conversations is so critical for healthy brands trying to reach Millennial moms and dads. While parents may hear of your brand from a friend or see it on social media, they won’t try it until they run it past their pediatric professional. And with 12 visits over two years, that’s a lot of opportunities for influence.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments directly from parents who received brand education and information through their pediatric professional as part of one of our PulseConnect programs:

  • “I had no idea about all the information that was provided by my doctor. I am thankful that this information was discussed with me.”
  • “I would recommend this [product] to any mom from now on. The materials were very useful and educational.”
  • “I love my pediatric office because they share educational and product information about the best options for my baby.”

Being a valued part of these trusted conversations builds credibility with health professionals, deepens their familiarity with and knowledge of your brand, earns recommendations of your brand directly to mom and dad, and drives the path to purchase.

And what impact does that education and information have when it comes directly from the pediatric professional? Well, again, let’s hear from mom and dad:

  • “My pediatrician recommended it, so I’m going to try it.”

What more do you need to know?