Are Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Just as Healthy as Fresh?

Health professionals sure seem to think so. We were curious about the conversations happening around frozen foods, so we reached out to nearly 200 health professionals in our PulseConnect network to learn more. When asked, 87% of health professionals indicated that they believe frozen fruits and vegetables to be nutritionally equivalent to fresh. Some even believe them to be more nutritious than fresh, as frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and frozen at peak ripeness. 

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Frozen fruits & vegetables recommended weekly

Health professionals are recommending frozen fruits and vegetables. In fact, 88% of health professionals surveyed indicated that they are recommending frozen fruits and vegetables at least on a weekly basis. 

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Among those recommending frozen fruits and vegetables, 34% are doing so when talking to their patients and clients about eating a heart healthy diet. Health professionals emphasize that frozen fruits and vegetables are convenient, cost-effective, and nutritionally equivalent to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Health professionals recommended frozen fruit & vegetable brands

All frozen fruit and vegetable brands are perceived by health professionals as being healthy options, but some receive more recommendations than others. Want to know what health professionals are saying about your brand? That’s where we can help. 

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