Nothing is Complicated About Healthy Eating

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It's actually quite simple. But with new studies coming out every week about healthy eating, it’s easy for consumers to get distracted and confused by the latest and greatest information.

It's easy for publishers, too: No one wants to keep reporting the same healthy guidelines (because no one wants to read them). That's the point of a recent Atlantic article,  which argues that the so-called "new" data isn’t all that new and often makes healthy eating appear more complicated than it is.  

Eating in ways that are good for our bodies isn’t conceptually complicated. It’s complicated by money and time and access—but eating based on scientific findings is not.
— James Hamblin, MD

New studies will continue to emerge, but the basic guidelines for healthy eating will remain the same: lots of fruits, beans, seeds, vegetables, and whole grains, and few refined carbohydrates and sugar.