PulseConnect. Making Connections, Influencing Behaviors.

Years ago a “health influencer” was someone narrowly defined within the healthcare field: a doctor, nurse, dietitian, or physical therapist. Today, a health and wellness influencer is more broadly defined to reflect a wide variety of professionals that influence Americans’ health and wellness, including personal trainers, midwives, and health coaches.  While practice titles may be different, all kinds of health and wellness professionals leverage a high level of influence with consumers.  Together, this new collective of health and wellness influencers is connecting with more and more clients in novel ways—and brands are recognizing their power.  

Pulse Health & Wellness’s HCPNetwork was an early example of this kind of collective—a place for healthcare professionals to opt-in to receive educational materials, samples and coupons provided by brands.

Relaunching as PulseConnect, this collective of health & wellness experts is expanding its focus and its membership. As a member of PulseConnect, you can receive high-quality, branded educational materials for yourself and your patients, including scientific backgrounders, patient handouts, teaching tools, samples, recipes and coupons.  Plus you will have the opportunity to provide insights and feedback to manufacturers through surveys and one-on-one interviews.

Healthy brands understand that a personal experience with a product and familiarity with its nutritional profile are what drive your recommendation. They know that you need to experience it yourself before you’re comfortable sending your clients in their direction.  In virtually every PulseConnect program,  there will  be special incentives for you to bring a product home and give it a try.  Of course, as you make your recommendations to patients and clients, you’ll have special offers for them too—in the form of samples, coupons, recipes and health & wellness tips.

Over the next few weeks, PulseConnect will be sharing case studies that demonstrate the power of the collective to consumers and influencers. For now, sign-up to be part of this exciting, dynamic collective and invite your friends/colleagues to join too!