Registered Dietitian

Nutrition Marketing: A Brand Perspective

Healthcare professionals agree that eating healthfully and deliciously can and do go hand-in-hand. And certainly there are social media enthusiasts who post beautiful images of kale salads and whole grain quinoa all over their feeds. Yet marketing nutrition to a broad consumer base, who may view healthy eating as sentence to starvation or deprivation or bland food, is much more challenging.

The complex regulatory environment makes it even harder. Words that evoke great nutrition—including the very word nutrition itself—are off limits. 

The Brand Perspective on Influencer Marketing

Having spent over 15 years as a clinical dietitian before transitioning to the food industry, I recognize how important it is for brands and health professionals to work together to improve Americans’ eating habits. As evidenced by our growing rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and an aging population, it is critical that we work together to educate Americans on the role food plays in our health and longevity. 

At StarKist, our mission is to provide healthy food products for all Americans.  We understand that the vast majority of Americans consume less than a quarter of the recommended amount of seafood a week, and our aim is to provide healthy, convenient options to help overcome this.

A Battle Cry to My Dietitian Colleagues

I spent the first decade of my professional career working as an advertising executive. People loved giving me suggestions for future ads or asking why pharmaceutical commercials involved people running in fields while a soothing voiceover announced scary side effects. At no time did I ever encounter anyone actively trying to do my job.  When I decided to pursue becoming a dietitian, I noticed one shocking and disturbing fact: I was hustling for years going to school full-time, taking the proper route toward becoming a credentialed Registered Dietitian, yet there were people who had never taken a single nutrition course touting themselves as “Wellness Professionals” doling out nutrition advice all across cyberspace.  The hardest pill to swallow is that people actually listened to them!