Improving Consumers’ 200 Food Choices

The current level of uncertainty around healthcare in America brings self-care, and personal responsibility, to the forefront. Americans can combat this uncertainty by taking their health into their own hands. How so? By taking the first line of defense—making better food decisions. But how do consumers learn about new, better-for-you, products? Who can they trust for the information they need to stay healthy and well?

What's the Deal With Fat?

Fat is all over the news recently, which leads us to ask: What’s the deal with fat?

In part, this is because of the revelations about how the sugar industry shifted the blame towards fat decades ago. Some doctors are critical of low-fat diets, partially blaming them for America’s dramatic rise in obesity rates. On top of this, we’re hearing more and more about high-fat diets. Specifically, the ketogenic diet (high fat, low carb) has become a hot topic.