Improving Consumers’ 200 Food Choices

The current level of uncertainty around healthcare in America brings self-care, and personal responsibility, to the forefront. Americans can combat this uncertainty by taking their health into their own hands. How so? By taking the first line of defense—making better food decisions. But how do consumers learn about new, better-for-you, products? Who can they trust for the information they need to stay healthy and well?

A recent article cited that Americans make over 200 food decisions every day. Yes, you read that correctly... The average consumer makes more than 200 food choices each day. So, as people begin to take charge of their health, there is a huge opportunity for healthy brands to become part of the consideration set. Consumers just need to know about them! 

Beyond brand awareness, consumers need education. They need to know the benefits of a product before they alter one of their 200 food choices. A recent 2016 IFIC study reminds us that consumers trust their health influencers—their own personal health advisors—for nutrition information more than any other source. Together, with full transparency and no financial incentives, healthy brands and influencers can accelerate awareness and make an impactful change on the dietary habits of Americans.